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Add Candy, Steak Strips or Pepperoni to ANY Bundle!

Substitute 80g Jerky for 2x28g Steak Strips or 3x40g Pepperoni or Candies below:

Jerky Flavours

Beef Jerky: Original 80g
Old Fashioned-ZEROSUGAR 70g
Teriyaki 80g
Habanero 80g
Hot Teriyaki 80g

Jerky Flavours

Montreal Steak Spice 80g
Cracked Black Pepper 80g
Hot 'N Sweet 80g
Turkey Jerky - Original 80g
Pork Jerky - Hickory Bacon 80g


Pepperoni - Original 3x40g
Pepperoni - Hot 3x40g
Pepperoni - Honey Garlic 3x40g
Steak Strips - Original 2x28g
Steak Strips - Teriyaki 2x28g
Steak Strips - Hot 'N Sweet 2x28g

Maple Candies

Original Maple Flavoured Candy 108g

Cranberry & Maple Flavoured Candy 108g

Blueberry & Maple Flavoured Candy 108g

Substitutions Allowed on ANY Bundle!

Peanut Brittles

Real Butter Brittle-Traditional 100 g

Real Butter Brittle-Bacon 100 g

Real Butter Brittle-Ghost Pepper 100 g

HST applies to all except meat products


Chocolate Almonds 2x75g

Chocolate Macaroons 2x75g

Chocolate Caramels 2x75g

Free Shipping in Canada on ALL Bundles!


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